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In addition to the fact that most designers max out at size 12, the selection of plus-size items on offer at many retailers is paltry compared with whats available for a size 2 woman. According to a Bloomberg analysis, only 8.5 percent of dresses on cheap clothes in May were plus-size. At J.C. Penneys website, it was 16 percent; had a mere five items - total. Ive spoken to many designers and merchandisers about this. The overwhelming response is, Im not interested in her. Why? I dont want her wearing my clothes. Why? She wont look the way that I want her to look. They say the plus-size woman is complicated, different and difficult, that no two size 16s are alike. Some havent bothered to hide their contempt. No one wants to see curvy women Karl Lagerfeld, head designer of Chanel, in a 2009 interview with Focus magazine No one wants to see curvy women on the runway, Karl Lagerfeld, head designer of Chanel, said in a 2009 interview with Focus magazine.

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"I think the government might take notice of the fact that there is a big feeling here that the House is too big. "I'm not going to advocate a particular solution. But what I do think is that we might make it a goal, that by the next election, we should be at a number that is just less than the House of Commons. "I think that it's quite difficult to support a system whereby we are 200-odd more than the Commons itself." 'Fantastic work' Fifty peers have taken advantage of an option to retire from the chamber since 2014. Lord Fowler also argues that the House of Lords does not get the credit for the "fantastic work" that it does, citing the fact that many debates in the Commons are cut short, or "guillotined". Many parts of bills do not get the level of scrutiny needed until they arrive in the Lords, he says. "We're here to try and improve things if we can," he says. The role of Lord Speaker differs to its Commons equivalent, because the Lords is self-regulating, so Lord Fowler has no say in who speaks in the chamber, or what amendments to legislation are selected for debate. Holders of the post are elected for five years, and can choose to stand again, although the previous two Lord Speakers declined to serve a second term. Watch the Week in Parliament on BBC Parliament: 23:00 BST on Friday When Lord Fowler's term in office ends in 2021, what does he hope to have achieved?