Some Advice On Logical Methods Of Shopping Sites

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MSN polls its readers, and then uses machine learning to model how a representative sample of the US would have responded, using big data, such as the Census. It's nearly as accurate as a traditional, scientific survey. Interestingly, Americans aren't shopping in stores for low prices — only 3% say they get better deals there. Rather, they're trading savings for immediacy: 74% of people who prefer brick-and-mortars are doing it so they "can see and get items right away." Just 13% say getting help from a person is the biggest advantage of in-store shopping. What's more, only 10% are heading to stores to avoid shipping costs. Even with premium membership services like Amazon Prime, which offers free two-day shipping and same-day delivery, it's clear that many Americans are prioritizing instant gratification — holding a product in hand and bringing it home moments later — over potential savings. For those who prefer online shopping, 41% said it's more convenient and 24% said they find better deals. But those shoppers who prefer an in-store experience may not be losing out on too much savings after all. While prices can be cheaper online, that's not always the case.

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